Generate, connect and preserve VALUE…our motto as a seal of protection and promotion of “human capital”.

We, at Borgoverde, have decided to translate our idea of ​​corporate social responsibility into a synergy between people, culture and territory to enhance the talents of the new generations.

Thanks to the partnership with OSM Edu, through a project, “Adopt a class”, the students of two sections of the Artistic High School of Treviso visited our company…it has been their first approach to wine culture, meant as an ambassadress of terroir and traditions, and sustainability, a lever of prosperity for the ecological transition.

In this context, a challenge was launched to the students. We hope that they could conceive the current project as a changemaker valve as well as an incentive in order to acquire greater self-awareness, gradually develop a critical sense and begin to outline their future life prospects.

A sort of “realize” in order to “be accountable”!


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