“LE CRIPTE DI VENEZIA” (“The Crypts of Venice”) was conceived as an “immersive” work in the history and living culture of Venice. Sponsored by the Municipality of Venice and entirely dedicated to the extraordinary hypogeal places of worship that lie beneath numerous churches and basilicas in Venice, the volume, written by authoritative architects, intellectuals and scholars of the lagoon city, reconstructs the cult of the relics of the saints in churches from the 9th to the 13th century. It deepens the history and state of conservation of crypts, painted underground tombs and centuries-old underground chapels, in a leap back to the Middle Ages.

We at BORGOVERDE, with our logo linked to the city of Venice, are happy to promote this work that offers the public the opportunity to enter a surreal dimension for rediscovering Venice through an interpretation that enhances unprecedented perceptions of the value of its art and culture. Our company, sensitive to actions of safeguard of the historical heritage, always recognizes the common historical – artistic – cultural past as a testimony to be protected in order to favor the passage to future generations of values and traditions of our people and their territory.

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