We tell a story – Borgoverde

We tell a story

Vine sounds like...life!

For 60 years, Borgoverde has been telling a tale of a tradition, the one capable of binding earth to its fruits, picked with care and passion, according to the rhythm of nature, only when they are ready to rest in our wine vessels, which embellish the hallways of our company in the name of a history of reliability and sustainability.

In Borgoverde the past is recovered and returned to the present because it is only from the foundations of what it was that we can shape what it will be.

Our lands

Earth, roots, vineyards, grapes… a dance of words that take you to the thought of maternity and life, the one from which the wine is born. The product of a patient and maternal – as mentioned before – process, which needs care and time to grow and ripen. Wine is the result of hard work, tenacity and respect for the cycle of life and nature. Loving it, even from its conception, is our passion.