Talent Project – Borgoverde

Talent Project

School - Company

“Produce value to generate prosperity”, our motto for the “school – company” synergy we have created.

Through the partnership with the Artistic High School of Treviso, we have started an interdisciplinary path, aimed at enhancing the individual as a talent and resource with the purpose of supporting and assisting the student in the personal evolution. The team of our internal professionists have accompanied two classes in a three-year project, divided into theoretical meetings and practical activities. This plan in order to enhance the skills of the students, combining them, in a transversal manner, with our company mission in the context of circular economy and environmental sustainability. It has been an opportunity for personal and professional growth, both for us and the guys, who had the opportunity to develop greater awareness of their choices and their future through a first proactive look at the world of work.

*Our website presentation video footages and our bottles’ still life are both created in collaboration with Artistic High School of Treviso (5E class – 2023/2024)