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“Maxi Grado” sanitizing spray

Maxi Grado

“Maxi Grado”, 100% Venetian distilled sanitizer.

During Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to create, a disinfectant spray, then delivered to the Civil Protection, in collaboration with other wineries and a local distillery. “Maxi Grado” was obtained by taking and distilling the pomace with the consequent introduction of steam to concentrate the alcoholic component, then taken and brought to volume. It’s a spray with an alcohol content (77% vol.) compliant with the requirements set by the WHO for surfaces’ disinfection. The characteristics of “Maxi Grado” are the double distillation and the use of traceable ingredients: this was a strategy to exploit processing by-products to satisfy the need to find disinfectants during the lockdown period. This was our idea, in an emergency period, to enhance the sustainable production as a precious resource to support the community.