“VitaeMiele” honey – Borgoverde

“VitaeMiele” honey

Bees in vineyard

“VitaeMiele”, honey born from the green project “Eno bee – Bees in Vineyard”, represents our sweet vision of sustainability “at km 0”, an expression of our commitment to protecting the biodiversity index.

The bee acts as a bio-indicator for the control of polluting substances: its presence and health, reflect the healthiness of an area and become precious thermometers for monitoring it. We placed some families of Apis Mellifera in the areas in front of the vineyards and today we are constantly trying to enrich and improve the synergy between beekeeping and viticulture, by respecting the environment all round, thanks to the adherence to protocols like SQNPI certification and specific agronomic measures (green manure, exclusion of certain active ingredients in phytosanitary defense and compliance with a specific interventions). The grassing of the inter-rows and the sowing of honey mixtures to nourish these “pollinating” insects, for example, are further strategies that we are adopting to promote the reciprocity between bees and the vineyard.

The “bee system”, guardian of biodiversity, can therefore act both as an effective matrix and as a guarantor of the healthiness of the environment that surrounds us, proving to be a precious added value for our vineyards and our wines, a renewed interpretation for our way of “doing business”.


“VitaeMiele”, Honey from the Life of the Vine.

Thanks to the implementation of the bees in our vineyards, a few months after placing the hives, we created our first production of limited edition wildflower honey. “Vitaemiele” is not only an ambassador of the winning combination “bees – wine” but also a symbol of sustainable viticulture. We strongly believe that this is a useful approach to communicating and safeguarding our territory and its values. Thanks also to the contribution of the children who painted the drawings on our hives, we are trying to raise awareness among all generations, with particular attention to future ones, regarding the importance of adopting conscious choices that respect the earth and its resources.